Fresh in Clemson

  • [2014-09-19]
  • Fresh in Clemson

    This year 17 students have got the precious chance of being selected to join USTC-Clemson joint program. In August they cross the ocean to pursue their study in School of Computing, Clemson University. The first striking impression of Clemson isfresh air, beautiful scene and passionate sport fans.

     Botanical Garden


    Student Apartment in University Village


    Clemson Football Home Game

    On August 30, SSE students gather together and have barbeque to celebratethe life-changing opportunity at the lake near Clemson University. The beautiful lake and the plants make people feel relaxed. They enjoy chatting, playing while grilling the delicious food. Besides, they share some tips for learning and settling down as wellas their plans for the future. It is full of fun on the lakeside.


    SSE Students’ Reunion in Clemson

    Happy time goes fast. They take photos for remembrance, and encourageeach other to be ready for being a Clemson Tiger and face the new challenges in theuniversity. It’s believed that they can survive the ups and downs with the kind help from Clemson.


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